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Celebrating J.I. Starr's B I G Birthday! 

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Luisito Carrion
Ray De La Paz
Ismael Miranda
Ray De La Paz has been singing for over 30 years and has traveled extensively around the world taking his music and talent wherever dancers rule. This extensive travel has made him a very well known singer within the Salsa community. 

Ray was born and raised in New York City’s Spanish Harlem and grew up in the Bronx. He started singing at a young age and as it was then that his mother convinced him to take vocal lessons.

Ray De La Paz continues with much success in his long and glorious singing career. His golden voice is a favorite of many DJ’s and is heard on dance floors throughout the world.
 I smael M iranda . At age 16, in 1966, he recorded his first musical success "Rumbón Melón"  withJoey Pastrana , then became part of the Harlow Orchestra in 1967, with which he achieved the success of the song "Abran Paso" .​
       For the year 2000,  Ismael recorded several productions under the direction of Gilberto Santa Rosa , entitled "I come with everything" , "Tequila y ron" (which was nominated for the Grammy in 2003), and "Special Edition" . , reached the#  1 position on Billboard's list , with the song "He left and he left me" along wi Ismael returned to make history, when when launching his second promotional item of this production, "Bajo, piano and bongo" , he returned to position in #  1 of the Billboard charts in the same category, becoming the # 1 most ' s has reached among the members of Fania .     As if that were not enough, this production has also been nominated for the Latin Grammy in the category "Best Salsa Album" .  This shows us that, as the theme says "... salsa is not a fad, this is soul and heart ...", and that there is  Ismael for a while.

Luisito Carrión

Nacido el 26 de octubre de 1962 en el pueblo de Arecibo, Ángel Luis Carrión Cáceres se interesó en la música desde muy pequeño, ya que su padre era Ángel Ruiz Carrión, director musical de la Orquesta Kafé, un conjunto que interpretaba salsa, boleros y merengues, y que integró al joven aspirante a artista a sus filas cuando éste sólo contaba con 13 años de edad. 

La etapa solista de Carrión, que se inició inmediatamente después, le permitió cimentar su fama como un sonero de agradable y profunda voz, aunque no significó precisamente un aumento de su productividad discográfica; tendrían que pasar tres años entre el debut, “Y ahora voy yo” (1992), y su sucesor, “Con respeto” (1995); y hasta cinco años para que se lanzara “Sin tu amor” (2000), el tercer y hasta el momento último álbum individual del boricua.

DJ Ralphie Mercado III
DJ Rob-Lo
DJ Broadway
DJ Ralphie Mercado  RMP
Has Performed aboard Salsa Cruise and is a veteran and well-respected music programmer, promoter and Production specialist.
Ralph Mercado III, better known as Ralphie Mercado, has had music in his blood since the day he was born. The son of Latin music impresario Ralph Mercado, he was literally baptized into the music scene. It was a symbolic first step in his long and evolving journey through the many facets of the music and entertainment worlds.
Mercado first started exercising his musical talents at family gatherings, where he would always be asked to play the music and entertain guests. "I knew how to dance before I could walk," said Mercado. Mercado was also a recognizable face on television at the time. Between the ages of 3 and 8, Mercado was a child actor who appeared on several hit TV shows, including Sesame Street. An accomplished DJ and all around nice guy. Ralphie Mercado of SalsaCruise! #SalsaFam

As Performed on board the Salsa Cruise Stage & is one of the 1st DJ's of Salsa Cruise . He is back to perform for his Salsa Cruise Family.

..."The UnDisPuted", DJ ROB-LO is one of the most established DJ's in the music industry today. Since ROB-LO first touched the turntables back in 1987, he has mastered how to manipulate the music and work the dance floors. His years of experience have brought his music to an abundance of cities throughout the United States and abroad, including numerous cities.
ROB-LO has played along side some of the music industries finest DJ’s such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Crooklyn Clan, Skribbles, and Kid Capri. ROB-LO has ripped the turntables in hundreds of different nightclubs throughout the world.

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Boarding at 6 pm We Sail at 7 pm 
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Bring tickets that were emailed to you for admission

Tickets and packages are non-refundable

Must have a valid State or Federal ID and be 21 years or older to attend

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